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Proper Carpet Cleaning Ensures Your Family Can Breathe Clean Air

When people think of air pollution, they often think about the clouds of smog that hang over cities or the smoke emanating from cars. Indoor environments, however, can also be subject to air pollution. The truth is, indoor air can actually be more polluted than the air outside. It can be full of dust, pollen, and other things that could result in health hazards for your family. Allergens and irritants, for example, can make it difficult for people to breathe or increase the chance of attacks for asthma sufferers.

 There are several sources of indoor air pollution. One of these is your carpet. Carpets may not seem like a pollutant but there are several factors about it that can affect your indoor air quality. First of all, carpets are composed of padding and glue, and other components which may release harmful chemicals. New carpets fresh from the factory, for instance, often smell funny due to the chemicals used in manufacturing them.

Additionally, carpets soak up a lot of dust and dirt, as well as allergens that may settle in the carpet. Carpets also make a perfect home for mites and other small insects; once these insects settle in, they’ll spread their waste on the carpet, heightening the danger in your indoor air. Other sources of indoor air pollution include chemicals from fire retardants and fragrances.

This is why regular carpet cleaning is an important part of keeping your indoor air clean. Contact professional cleaning services regularly so your carpet will not endanger your health.


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