Martes, Abril 21, 2015

Battersea Carpet Cleaning: How to Remove Different Kinds of Stains

No matter how careful you are around your carpets and rugs, accidents are bound to happen. Whether it’s spilt wine or urine from your pet’s last incident, your carpets are in danger of retaining an unappealing stain. Of course, you’d want it removed right away but without the proper knowledge, you can make matters even worse. Thankfully, companies offering carpet cleaning near Battersea or Putney, such as Safeclean Wandsworth, can give you a little insight about how you can remove stains of any kind.

Lunes, Abril 20, 2015

Carpet Cleaning in Clapham: Effective in Keeping Office Spaces Tidy

When you’re running an office-based business, part of the professionalism it requires is the effort to keep everything tidy and presentable. That includes cleaning the carpet, in addition to furniture and fixtures. In the Clapham area, there are a number of commercial properties for let, each possibly containing enough space to suit your company’s simple needs. Some people like your customers or prospective clients, however, may drop by for some official business from time to time, and seeing the place unkempt could turn them away. When you’re aiming to project a positive image, and keeping your office surroundings clean is getting to be a bit of burden, specialists at carpet cleaning in Clapham like Safeclean Wandsworth can answer your call.