Lunes, Oktubre 19, 2015

Carpet Cleaning: The Difference Between Staining and Soiling

Staining and soiling to a typical person are interchangeable terms. In truth, however, they are two different terms in meaning and how they are derived and they affect how you should go on about your carpet cleaning.

Soiling is as a result of liquid deposits and greasy material that have established themselves within the carpet fibers long enough to attract dirt and dust particles. In short soils are a result of spills that have stayed long enough to attract solid particles which in turn lead to a sticky residue on the carpet. It can also be a result of spot treatment that was not done well. Oily build up from spilled baby oil, or cooking oil can attract solid particles like dirt which then lead to soils.

Stains are as a result of color from spills going into the empty dye spots of the fabric. Empty dye sites are spots in the fabric fiber that didn’t get the colorant when the fiber was getting dye. An example is when you drop your cup of black coffee on a carpet. That would leave a carpet stain.

How to remove them
Stains should be removed as fast as possible. Remove any solid matter from the carpet spill. Use a blotting paper to remove up as much of the spill as possible. Paper towels or white towel can also do the deal. Treat the stained area with a stain remover product. A homemade cleaning solution of a drop of clear dish soap and a cup of lukewarm water would also do the deal. The best method to preventing soiling is by confirming that all spills are cleaned thoroughly. All cleaning products used on the carpet should be fully rinsed off from the fibers to avoid soiling again. Using a white towel and paper towels, blot up the product to the maximum.
Still, professional carpet cleaning is the best way to ensure that a soil or a stain does not permanently destroy your carpet.

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